LockRite Franchisee Admin Training

LockRite Locksmith Franchisee Admin Training

Administration and Marketing

To give you the best head start in your new career we don't stop at practical locksmith training. You will also be trained in the administration and marketing of your new business.

LockRite Boardroom - Marketing Training

Our thorough administration and marketing training includes:

Locksmith Business - Admin Training
  • Record Keeping
  • Work Flow
  • Client Procedures
  • Health and Safety
  • An Overview Of Our Job Allocation Systems
  • Customer Interaction
  • Call Handling
  • and more ...

Once the training is complete you will have learnt a variety of professional techniques to apply to your new locksmith business.

LockRite Equipment, Van and Stock

Fitted out, sign written, and fully equipped your van is your mobile workshop and billboard advertisement.

The comprehensive tool and stock package includes quality power tools and specialist locksmith equipment.

LockRite Franchisee Business Cards

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  What's Involved?

  • Full locksmith training in all technical aspects of the trade to make you comfortable tackling all types of work.
  • Marketing training to help you find your own customers.
  • Admin training to get you familiar with our systems.

Training Gallery

  • Locksmith Picking a Padlock
  • Locksmith Picking a Lock
  • Locksmith Picking a Cylinder

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